Restoration of premises

The reconstruction of the object and restoration work are absolutely two heterogeneous types of works that sometimes confuse among themselves. Reconstruction includes a full complex, which may include replacing individual structural elements or their components and at the same time conducting internal work. During reconstruction, the roof is often replaced, the walls are strengthened – and sometimes even one or more load -bearing walls of the object are disassembled. Reconstruction work plan is drawn up after a detailed technical examination of the facility.

The restoration of the premises includes the interior decoration, which is higher in the classroom than the usual repair. One of the stages in the processing of walls during restoration is sandblasting. More details about how sandblasting is performed here, read professional cleaning and surfaces using sandblasting this is the ability to reduce processing costs and offer more favorable prices for the customer.

In addition to reducing prices, sandblasting in Moscow – processing and restoration of brickwork, removal of the upper damaged layer of wall material, sandblasting on concrete – also gives high quality of the work performed.

The restoration of premises of the residential and commercial sector has its own characteristics. And with the restoration of cult institutions, the plot is already accepted by more “jewelry” restorers with art education.