If we talk about the roof, then we can say that it is a kind of elements of any cottage, that is, it is needed in order to give the structure a modern, and most importantly original look, but you should also know that the roof can easily ruin it.

There are different types of roofs, that is, flat and pitched roofs, if we talk about pitched roofs, then you can note the roofs that belong to the class of attic. Such roofs are needed to give the structure an extremely original appearance, which is why, if you are building a cottage, then the best version of the roof for it will be the creation of this type of roof. In general, if we talk about roofing work, we can say that this concept is extremely common and includes the arrangement of a new roof, as well as the repair of the one that already exists.

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Now you need to consider the main stages that must be performed during installation work. The very first stage is that you need to choose ways using the rafters to fasten. You should know that there are a lot of options for such fastening, from standard nails to capercaillie.

After you have completed the past stage, you will need to seriously start the device for vapor barrier of the roof. And for this you will need to glue all the seams and joints well, the only way you can achieve your goals.

Slow down the ceiling, but only by installing the counterparty. And of course. You will need to carry out insulation work, that is, you need to do the selection of insulation. Now you can take up the device of the roof crate. And the final stage will be that you need to start the waterproofing device.