Sewerase for a summer residence

Sewer for a summer residence is just a master

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Sewerase for a summer residence

If you have purchased a cottage, cottage or country house, then for the collection and withdrawal of waste, as well as wastewater cleaning, you will definitely need a sewage system. The main element of any sewer system is the pipeline crossing the boundary of the site and connecting to the outer network, the waste on it further enters the central sewer if it is in this place. If there is no centralized sewer network, then you will need to build a septic tank that is necessary to collect and clean the drains.

Depending on the type of wastewater, the sewage system for the cottage can be common or separate. If you have a common sewage system, then melt and rainwater will enter it along with household drains. If you want them not to connect, then you need to lay separate gutters for rain and melt water, such a sewer is called separate. According to these drains, wastewater, without being cleaned, will merge into an open pond, such a sewage system is the most common, since its device does not require serious financial investments.

Pipes for any sewer should be laid with a slope and gradually delve into the ground. If they were lower than the level of the reservoir, then it will be necessary to arrange a pumping station and equip it with special pumps, which will pump wastewater to the treatment with a pressure collector. This station should be located at the end of the collector.

A wide variety of methods are used to clean the wastewater, they depend on the composition of the effluents. The metangs will help accelerate the reinforcement of the drains, the drains are mixed with precipitation and heated, then they are collected in sumps. At the next stage, the drains are subjected to biological cleaning, microorganisms that feed on organic compounds in them help in this.

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