Site, landscape design

DIY barbecue

When there is free space on the site, and you want to independently build a summer kitchen of an open type, then the construction of a brick barbecue with your own hands may be the best solution.

Barbecue of brick

Modern technology in the heating system makes it possible to use more and more heater devices.

Brick barbecue

Brick grill, perhaps, can be called the most cozy focus for making barbecue or barbecue.

Cleaning the well

A summer cottage will be able to uninterruptedly supply the owner with crystal clean water when he regularly orders professional cleaning of this structure and maintenance of it.

Dog aviary in Landashte

The owners of private houses often have the question of what to do with a pet, a guard of a house.

Garden paths

Currently, the fashion for environmentally friendly building materials, which are used not only for the construction of houses, but also for the arrangement of the landscape, is gaining more and more popularity.

Winter garden or greenhouse?

Some people do not know what is better to choose – a winter garden or greenhouse for plant growing.


For the first time, flooring plates made of wood arose in Japan in the last century.