Suburban recreation site design

In modern Russia, the well -being of citizens has reached the level when many can afford the purchase of a land plot in the immediate vicinity of the city. Often, such areas are located in picturesque places, but the so -called “elite” areas located in the pine forest, Lesnyak, maple or birch grove are in special demand.

These sites are completely reasonably used to build cottages and cottages, which are for tired citizens real impromptu sanatoriums. Even such tasks as the treatment of female alcoholism or drug addiction, mental and mental disorder – everything can be possible for fresh air and mother -prospect.

To perform such complex tasks, it is recommended to maintain the most “natural” landscape of the site, preserving and even developing existing natural resources. The forest landscape, unfortunately, does not allow the development of floral gardens, and oxidation of the soil of pine needles often complicates the already difficult task. A good solution in this case will be the creation of a decorative water source.