Tablespoons for broth, caviar, compliment

When setting the table in the house, hotel and restaurant, special attention is paid to spoons for broth, compliment and caviar. Most often they are made of stainless steel, as well as steel with silver coated. In the modern market, cutlery are presented in a wide assortment, and among leading manufacturers, experts call Eternum, Pintinox, Nanga, as well as labor-wag. The products of these enterprises are of high quality, durability and wear resistance, which is especially important when setting a table in public catering places.

All spoons for broth, for caviar, for a compliment occupy their place on the serving table. Tablespoons for caviar in shape more resemble shoulder blades. They have insignificant sizes and a flat bottom, which allows you to capture caviar, without damaging individual eggs and excluding their sticking to the spoon itself.

Restaurant workers note that a spoon for caviar is used only for transferring caviar to a plate, they never try the product from it. If a spoon for caviar took part in a tasting, then it is not lowered into the bowl with the product. This leads to corruption of caviar. Thus, spoons for caviar are usually attributed to common cutlery, as well as spoons for a compliment.

Spoons for a compliment appeared in a wide assortment relatively recently. Most often they are used in restaurants and hotels, presenting canapes, sauces and other products as a gift, a compliment from the chef of the institution. This version of the table decoration is particularly popular today.

Spoons for the broth belong to individual cutlery. In the absence of a special device, they are also used to lay out dishes. A spoon for the broth is performed quite deep, this is its main difference from other cutlery. The shape of the bowl itself can be both rounded and more elongated, so the products are a real decoration of the table and are convenient to use. Depending on the style of the table and the general interior of the room, broth spoons can have traditional strict shapes or performed with a handle decorated with decorative elements and colored inserts. This table of table setting has the largest sizes of all spoons, which differs from them.

Manufacturers note that extending the service life of table items is very simple. It is enough to wash steel spoons and tablespoons with a silver coating separately so that scratches do not appear on the latter. Pieces of food should not remain on the products, and after washing, they are thoroughly wiped dry.