The best showers – how to choose?

People are always in motion. It is very important that in the morning the mood is raised, so that I would like to breathe, do actions and conquer the rebellious. And most importantly, to feel the freshness of a new day, we need to take a shower.

In many Western families, souls are a complement to the bath. While in Russia, not everyone has such an opportunity, since it is considered impossible to have a bathroom with a shower in small apartments. That is why many people opt for showers, as they significantly save place.

How to choose a shower cabin?

The size.

First of all, you need to take into account the size of the shower cabin. Since a person moves in the process of taking a shower, he needs an additional space for freedom of movement. The most optimal size should be at least 80 × 80.


It is important to focus on the glass of a shower cabin. There are two types of glass: ordinary and hardened.

Most importantly, this is security. Tempered glass, with a very strong blow, scattered into small pieces, which means that there is no danger of accidentally injured by fragments.

In addition, it is very difficult to break. Ordinary glass is broken by large sharp pieces, and this can lead to serious injuries. Cheap showers can be of good quality and will serve your family for many years.


A system of hydromassage is a notorious issue of a notorious issue.

The most popular massage system is spinal. There are also additions, for example, such as cervical, lumbar, and even legs massage. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that for hydromassage it is necessary to have constant strong pressure.


There are showers with a bath effect. They heat the water and serve it in the form of steam. There are many models in which the temperature of the steam is regulated, but they are much more expensive than those that serve steam in one mode, not allowing you to choose the temperature. For such a cabin, a good wiring is needed, which will withstand such a load.

Additional functions.

The addition has many different functions, such as radio and even a telephone with a lunch. There are also different colors of the backlight. There are also various types of shelves, stands for small, shampoos and different shower trifles.

All of the above functions affect the price of a shower cabin, convenience and comfort, so the consumer is given the opportunity to choose based on his financial capabilities and wishes.