The chair of the leader. How to choose.

The head of the head is probably the central place in the design of the office. If we talk about styles, then in the modern market they can be found a huge set from a fantastic high-tech, to classics. The right selection of furniture for the office is not an unimportant question, because this will show the success of the enterprise and of course will create a cozy atmosphere for your team.

Upholstery: genuine leather is best for upholstery, it will emphasize the status and will be practical to use.

Ergonomics: The wheels and armrests must be present, the support is preferably a five -beam. It is also necessary to adjust the height and angle of inclination of the back.

Back: the most correct choice is an anatomical form. Also, it will not be superfluous, to purchase an additional massage armchair-shot. The best chairs have a roller in the lumbar region. There must be a tilt regulator so that there is the possibility of relaxation during a break.

Seat: seats can be three types: soft, medium stiffness and hard. It is worth choosing a seat with an almost smooth surface, a rounded shape.

Armrests: armrests are necessary for the head of the leader to relieve fatigue, convenient position of the shoulders and hands.

Mechanisms: In the newest models there is synchromechanism, which allows you to change the slope of the seats and the backs. The swing function, beloved by everyone, is also interesting.

Manufacturer: In the first place in quality, of course, Germany, followed by Italy and the third place in Poland. The stream from China and Singapore recently began to increase, and the domestic manufacturer also does not upset.

And finally, when you choose a chair, sit in it. When you get up, he should not make creaks and sway. Ride a little, check the work of the wheels.