The durability of the air ducts guarantees galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is the most optimal option for the manufacture of ventilation systems. She is practically not undergoing corrosion, showed herself perfectly in rooms with constant medium humidity and durable. Well -functioning and thought -out production of air ducts from galvanized steel allows you to get the required amount of products in the required time. The elements of the air ducts are today made with maximum care and in large quantities. After all, the galvanized surface can be scratched and then its anti -corrosion properties will be minimized. The same high requirement is set to the quality of the material itself. It must comply with all the required standards.

The use of modern technologies greatly simplifies the production process of galvanized ducts, and also improves the quality of the final result. The automation of the operations is assigned to the automation of the performed. The most structurally and technologically simple is the manufacture of spiral-screw ducts, and the process is fully automated. This kind of pipes differ from other simplicity of manufacturing, which allows them to produce them in a short period of time in a large volume. Among the existing assortment of galvanized air pipes, straight -line rounded round pipes occupy the second place in demand.

For their manufacture, use leaf galvanized steel, which is bent into a pipe and tucked. They are used to lay ventilation systems where aspiration is needed, great for systems for removing dust or dusty air from the working area. The most commonly straight -line air ducts are used in agriculture where grain processing work is underway.