The main materials used in auto repair

Various materials are used to conduct auto repair not only by name, but also for its intended purpose. Such materials are conditionally divided into several groups. The most significant group is the Glue group. Its purpose is very extensive, which allows the use of materials of this group in almost all the details for the car.

This includes soundproofing materials, sealants, corrosion coatings, adhesives for restoration work and many others. In any, even the smallest repair, such materials are useful, t. to. This includes even napkins, polished products and much more.

The second group of materials can be called “abrasive and polishing systems”. They serve for grinding and polishing the entire car. Such materials were an abrasive pasta or clay, sandpaper, matting gels.

The third group is the materials for “masking”. Without the use of such materials, painting of a car can be difficult, and when protecting these materials (protective film, special tapes, magnetic scraps, packages for discs and tons, etc. D.) It will be difficult to bring small repair work of the car without additional cleaning.

The Group “Soils and Fillers” includes materials that create protective layers when clutching a car with coatings, and also help perfectly align different irregularities on the body.

The group of paints and varnishes includes different types of varnishes, acrylic paints, basic staining basics, diluents, hardeners, special processing pastes and much more.

The next group includes materials such as various repair accessories, tools and special forces. For example, in the group you can find funds for point minor repairs (needles for removing small defects of coating and swelling, blades for cleaning subtexts, measuring containers for liquids, ruler and much more), you can also find archive racks, tables for painting small spare parts car, various holders for different details, compressors, paint pistols, scrapers, dispensers for pasty and liquid materials, spatulas and other necessary things.

By the way, the driver should not forget about the state of his own health, and not just take care of the condition of the car. Therefore, the last main group, mainly, presented materials representing various protective means. Such materials were headphones, special glasses, respirators, gloves and overalls.