The main types of blinds.

Curtains in their composition fixed parallel lamellas, which are capable of turning in different directions, are called blinds. As a rule, blinds provide the following types of protection:

– from penetration into the space of the room of bright rays of the sun.

– from dust particles.

– blinds are able to configure the saturation of the air entered into the room.

Based on the design and material from which the lamellas are made, the blinds can be classified into a large number of groups. A modern buyer can acquire a wide variety of types and types of blinds systems. By the option of using blinds are divided into vertical and horizontal. You can buy blinds here.

The blinds are vertical

• traditional vertical blinds that protect well from the rays of the sun, you should call a fabric version. Fabric blinds have a delicate look and very much resemble standard curtains.

• quite expressive variation of the blinds of a vertical species is a photo stern. They serve as a wonderful protection from the excessive sun and will delight you with your friends with their rich paints with a photo imbalance for a long time.

• Plastic vertical blinds are usually installed in office rooms and office rooms subjected to severe pollution. Thanks to their simple structure, they are calmly cleaned and washed. Which deserved great fame for themselves.

• In specialized healthcare buildings, aluminum vertical blinds are often used. This material gives the space a hard appearance, but at the same time can perfectly protect from the flow of sunlight.

Horizontal option

• Comfortable, stylish and very practical can no doubt call the blinds made of plastic. They make it possible to form a house of exquisite, original designs, due to a wide variety of color palette.

• Bamboo blinds can give the space the premises an unforgettable special shade and grace. They harmonize the positive atmosphere in space.

• completely environmentally friendly, positively influencing housing environment, wooden blinds are presented. Their design is highlighted by a very long duration of use and is very convenient to manage.

• The most famous aluminum blinds are presented. They have a wonderful look and a very reliable structure. This seems to be their most important advantage.