Thermal insulation is super -thin

Today, super -thin liquid thermal insulation is used in various areas of the national economy, but still most often it is used in construction and decoration. For example, with great success, walls, ceiling and roofs are covered with it. Initially, the thermal insulation of the super -fingered was created in order to protect the surface of space satellites from solar radiation, but over time, as you can see, the scope of its application was significantly expanded.

Today, innovative thermal insulation of this kind is used to protect bridges, metal structures, pipelines, ventilation systems, overpasses and heating batteries around the world. Numerous studies and tests regularly conducted by leading experts in the field of insulating coatings and materials show that this decision is highly effective and has a long service life, which is at least two decades even in the conditions of an unusually aggressive environment.

A thin liquid mass, which is characterized by small weight and phenomenally low thermal conductivity, after application forms an obstacle to a cold barrier, which can replace a multi -centimeter layer of brick or mineral wool. At the same time, in terms of its properties, the method of application and appearance, high -tech material is similar to simple paint, familiar to every person.

It is applied without problems on any, including complex ones, surfaces and dries up the fifteen minutes after application, forming a persistent and smooth coating characterized by a homogeneous structure. By the way, small thickness is one of the main advantages of this type of thermal insulation, since it allows it not to occupy a useful place in the room.