Types of lighting in the interior

Lighting and general lighting is one of the most important factors, which is worth paying close attention when repairing. Any competent designer will confirm this information, since well -located lighting is able to strikingly transform the room, give him the desired appearance.

First of all, general lighting is important, which allows you to safely move around the room and distinguish all objects. In the house, these functions usually perform chandeliers or any other ceiling lamps, on the streets – night lanterns, lighting supports in Tula

or any other landscape lighting. The main task when choosing general lighting is to choose the right level of brightness, which will not squeeze the eyes in the hope of at least consider anything, but will not blind.

Working lighting is usually required in special rooms where particularly accurate work is performed. For example, sewing, drawing, plowmen or reading. All these types of work requires additional lighting to guarantee the maximum effective work of the eyes. In order for this type of lighting to give clearly distinguishable light and clearly identifies their illuminated part of the interior, it is necessary to choose it approximately three times brighter than the total lighting.

There is also accent and decorative lighting, the task of which to create a certain mood, to decorate the room. You can highlight the design of the wall on the wall or pay attention to the decorative corner, where there is a small sculpture. The directed light is able to emphasize the advantages of the room, thereby smoothing out all the shortcomings. It should also be chosen so that the brightness is higher than the general lighting, so that the objects and interior details are immediately striking.