Wall repair – an important stage of the finish

The walls are one of the main elements of any home, so great attention is always paid to their repair and decoration. At the same time, the repair of walls in terms of complexity exceeds any other types of interior decoration. First, preparatory work consisting of the removal of the old coating and thoroughly aligning the surface of concrete plates with the simultaneous elimination of any noticed defects is carried out.

The old wallpapers glued in several layers are quite difficult to remove on dry, so the best assistants here are warm water and a metal spatula. If you need to dismantle the old tile in the bathroom or in the kitchen, you will have to use a perforator, hammer and chisel.

Starting the repair of walls, it is necessary to de -energize the home by turning off the power supply in the shield, and then dismantle the sockets and switches that will only interfere during operation. After the repair is completed, it is recommended to replace them with new ones, for example, by buying a modern load switch in the store and calling a qualified master who will install it in accordance with the electrical safety rules.

The basis of wall decoration is the active use of putty and primer. The putty aligns the surfaces and fills the cracks, while the primer improves the adhesion of the finishes with the wall. Finally, the final stroke is to glue the wallpaper or, what happens much less often, painting. For this purpose, wallpaper of various kinds can be used, which are selected depending on the purpose of the room and personal preferences. They can be vinyl, washing, paper, elite fabric and so on. The same can be said about paints, the assortment of which is striking the imagination.