What will be the new residential complex in Tulum, Mexico

World renowned brand AZULIK announces a new project in Tulum, Quintana Roo that confirms its creative expansion and growth in architectural scope: Living Sculptures is the first residential development they describe as “a new proposal for lifestyle and luxury”.

The residential initiative was born from the firm Roth Architecture, continuing the distinctive aesthetic that “puts nature as a priority”.

The spaces are free, flexible and adaptable to the needs of each user, playing with light, indoor and outdoor areas and jungle views. The building configuration is designed so that each residence has a view of the jungle and is fully integrated into the circular and interconnected dynamics of the architectural environment.
Windows create openness and natural light that co-exist with artificial lighting that enhances the shape of the building and creates a warm and aesthetically designed environment. The unique aesthetic can be seen in the liana ceiling light sets, elegant concrete elements, natural textiles and details that make this whole composition a dynamic home.

The architectural program of AZULIK Residences includes 1.5 hectares of land, 4 towers, 88 apartments, wellness facilities including a jungle gym and yoga shala, a selection of works of art curated by SFER IK Museion, and social amenities that include a restaurant, bar, pools, a boutique and a fire pit.

Each building offers ten types of apartments, with options ranging from 90 square meters to 300 square meters. All apartments have their own terrace, some with rooftops, fires and swimming. Roth Design interior offers bespoke furniture and related decorative and artistic products.