What will the Harley-Davidson campus and park in Milwaukee be like?

Heatherwick Studios has been commissioned to redesign and transform the centerpiece of the Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, USA, the Juno Avenue campus.

The site is to become a public park and green gathering place for motorcycle company employees as well as the local community. At the center of the park is a massive amphitheater and a multifunctional event space designed for motorcyclists. The start of the project is scheduled for 2023, and the park will be available for use by the summer of 2024.

The main feature of the campus is the 83 meters wide amphitheater. Its circular layout is adapted for use as a motorcycle driveway with parking areas, sidewalks, plants and seating. The flexible design aims to transform the campus into an inviting venue for formal and informal social events, promoting the message of togetherness for the community, riders and staff.

The center features views of the brick buildings of the Juno Avenue campus, the original home of Harley Davidson. In the opposite direction, the park is adorned with 120 native species of trees and perennials. The campus is planned to be expanded to include a market street, a contemplative garden, and an outdoor playground.

“Our goal is to turn this historic plant site into a new public park for Milwaukee residents. We want to create an exciting public space where people can get together with friends and family and enjoy wildlife along with places to eat, perform and play. The goal is to is to highlight and celebrate the rebirth of life in the Near West of this very special city.” — Thomas Heatherwick.