Why do you need safety shoes: subtleties and nuances of choice

Safety footwear is currently an integral part of equipment directly related to personal protection at work. Its main goal is the primary provision of complete safety and a high level of comfort for workers in conditions of increased risks of injury to the lower extremities when performing certain professional duties.

As you know, the right choice of safety footwear plays a key role here in ensuring, first of all, the safety and complete well-being of the worker directly at the workplace.


First of all, it is recommended to pay close attention to safety shoes supplier in UAE and highlight the main aspects:

  1. The sole should provide good protection from the penetration of any sharp objects. We are talking about nails, glass and sharp stones.
  2. Anti-slip properties generally help prevent slipping and falling on smooth surfaces.
  3. Depending on the specific type of work, shoes may require a certain degree of protection from the aggressive action of various chemicals, oils, and acids.
  4. Work shoes should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Key aspects

The following factors should be considered before purchasing safety shoes:

  1. Type of work and working conditions. Different industries and types of work require different characteristics of safety shoes. For workers on a construction site, shoes with metal toes are a must.
  2. Comfort level and fit. Shoes should be comfortable and easy to wear, while providing a fairly good fit in order to be able to prevent chafing in the future.
  3. Quality of materials. As a rule, the materials used for sewing must be durable, but at the same time breathable. It is also important to provide the necessary degree of protection from moisture.
  4. Quality certificates. It is recommended to choose only certified shoes to ensure that they are ideally suited for the specific type of work.

Safety footwear is now not only mandatory, but also an important element regarding the issue of comfort and productivity in the workplace. A competent approach to selection usually guarantees safety and increases labor efficiency and employee well-being.